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?for products im●ported to and so●ld within t〓he European Econo〓mic Area. It is○ regarded as a sta◆mp of approval 〓for e

ntering■ the Europ●ean market.Huawei 〓started research on◆ 5G products in 20◆09, and has investe●d at least 600 milli◆on dollars in rel■ated research. ●It has built 11● 5G research cente

rs■ across the world■.Huawei's net ●profit grew ●by 28 percent t●o 47.5 billion y●uan (about ●7.6 billio◆n U.S. doll

a○rs) last yea◆r. Its sales in○creased by 16 per■cent from 2016, re●aching 604 bill○ion yuan

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〓 profit up 28 p○ercent in 20◆17Huawei net pro●fit up 28 percent in○ 2017Huawei

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